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Staff & Sling Ministry's
Loose Leaf Bible

Many years ago, my wife Kat decided she wanted a loose leaf Bible. She had good reasons to want one, but I had enough experience with loose leaf binders to know that loose leaf pages tear (regardless the number of holes). I was none too anxious to spend $60 on a Bible that I knew would quickly start losing pages.

So I looked around for one that we could buy in digital format and print ourselves, replacing pages as needed. Sadly, I found none. So I published one myself that I offer here as a free download. Just click on the links below.

The Staff & Sling Ministry Loose Leaf Bible is published as a set of Adobe PDF files (plus a jpeg image for the Cover and a readme text file), so you will need to download the Adobe Reader. It's offered as a free download on the Adobe website. Click their name, or here, and you will open their website in a new window.


Title Pages

Read Me File

First Covenant

New Covenant