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Under Color of Office

If a citizen of this nation tries to take my property by force, it is a crime. But if that citizen also happens to be a police officer, is it somehow less of a crime? Hardly. It's a worse crime because it is done "under color of office." It is made a worse crime because that citizen abused power given him by a public trust, he violated a fiduciary relationship, not for my benefit but for his own.

So if someone takes an oath of office to defend the Constitution and instead sets out to destroy it, are his actions made less criminal for having been committed from the cover of elected office?

There's an old saying that treason never prospers, because when it does none dare call it treason. So when Barak Obama, for the benefit of his agenda, takes it upon himself to set aside, either by judicial activism or by executive fiat, the Defense of Marriage Act, immigration laws, election laws, etc., are his actions made lesser crimes against the Constitution because he surrounds himself with coconspirators like Eric Holder and Kathleen Sebelius?

In fact they are made worse precisely because these people, from the cover of fiduciary offices, are conspiring to trample the very liberties they took oaths to protect and defend.

This is why we need truly conservative candidates to represent us in elections. We need champions who will not only take back those fiduciary offices, but who will then punish those who would defile and abuse them. There is a tremendous difference between loyal opposition and subversion, and we need statesmen who can not only see that difference, but who will then act accordingly. We need leaders who will make it known, by example to all who follow, that threatening our Constitution and liberty is an act that will cost those who try far more than an election.

We need candidates who will go to Washington and defeat the enemies of liberty, not milquetoast Republicans who just want to appease them. We do not need another politician who wants to "repeal and replace." We need a champion who will repeal and impeach. We need someone who will defend our Constitution and our liberty from all of our enemies, both foreign and especially domestic, not merely in words but in deeds.