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Post-Racial America

I heard a report on Fox News this morning. A young man was arrested for attacking an elderly man in an episode of this "Knock Out" game. Excellent! Right? Absolutely. But why is it that this time the perpetrator has been charged with federal hate crimes?

Could it be because this time the perpetrator was white and the elderly victim was black? Now I have no sympathy for the perpetrator. He deserves to be punished. But is it really that far- fetched to think there might be a racial motivation to the federal involvement? I'm not so sure.

Why were the hundreds of initial incidents, where young black boys were targeting elderly Jews, disturbing and in need of further examination, but ultimately just, you know, urban violence that didn't warrant federal involvement. Why were the hundreds of cases that followed those, where young black boys (and some girls) were targeting white people and Asians, also disturbing but apparently just "copycat" crimes, also undeserving of federal involvement?

Was it the Michigan State Fair, a year ago, maybe two, where marauding bands of young black men were attacking white fairgoers in the parking lot, putting at least some of their victims in the hospital, while taunting their victims with racial epithets and proclaiming their hatred for "whitey?" But even that was just a local crime, urban violence, not something for the feds to concern themselves with.

It's too reminiscent of the Janet Reno reign over "Justice."

Matthew Shepherd, a homosexual, was brutally beaten and left to die on a rural Wyoming road by his heterosexual companions. They were punished, and should have been. But without knowing anything else about the events of the evening, Janet Reno decreed the incident a federal hate crime.

She didn't need to know that the group of them had been bar-hopping all evening. She didn't need to know any of the facts of how events escalated from camaraderie to assault and murder. All she needed to know was that heterosexuals had killed a homosexual and based on nothing else declared it a hate crime.

But when two homosexual men kidnapped, tortured, raped and eventually (after days or weeks) murdered a thirteen year old Arkansas boy, that was disturbing but needed further review before deciding if it was a hate crime.

When Larry Gene Ashbrook burst into Fort Worth's Wedgwood Baptist Church on 15 September 1999 and killed seven people, injuring seven more, it didn't matter that he'd been captured on multiple video recordings declaring, "I hate all you Christians! I'm gonna kill all you Christians!" as he shot them, one by one at point blank range. Janet Reno decided it would be premature to call that a hate crime.

And now, Eric Holder, having finally found one instance where a white guy perpetrated a cowardly attack on a black man, immediately jumped into the fray wielding federal hate crime charges. How many black perpetrators have been similarly charged for targeting white people?

So as I remember that this is the same Eric Holder who dismissed the charges against club-wielding Black Panthers, AFTER they had been convicted of voter intimidation against white people at the polls, I say to all, ...

Welcome to Barak Obama's Post-Racial America!

If we survive this President, we've all got a real decision to make. All of us, un-hyphenated Fellow Americans one and all, will either stand together, or we will fall apart!