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Getting Back to Our Roots

I noticed an article the other day wherein someone was writing about getting back to our roots as Americans. I didn't read the article, but it did get me thinking.

I've also noticed that since Barak Obama was elected president racial tensions in America seem to be worsening, which is just the opposite of what his supporters promised. I now find myself wondering if anyone is going to wake up and recognize what's really going on in our nation.

We're supposed to be the proverbial melting pot. But instead of melting together we seem to be turning into a nation of hyphens. I've never heard of an African-Canadian, a Mexican-Canadian or an African-Mexican. So why are there African-Americans and Mexican-Americans? And why are the very people who were supposed to bring us past such pettiness only making it worse?

Certainly a big part of the problem is that the people who claimed they were going to fix the problem are liars. All warfare, after all, is based on deceit, and they have no more intention of fixing our society than saving our economy. Instead of fixing our economy, their aim is to nationalize it one private sector at a time. Similarly, instead of bringing us together as one people, they need us to divide ourselves into factions. It's simple divide-and-conquer.

So though it was something of an epiphany, it was no surprise that as I thought about the idea of getting back to our roots I hit on yet another Marxist-Democrat deception, another lie of the liberal left.

This nation was not founded on principles of racial equality and tolerance. It was founded on principles of belief in, and devotion to, God. Those are our roots. And instead of getting back to them, the Marxist-Democrats and the liberal left are hacking away at them with axes.

Do you see? Racial equality and tolerance aren't the roots of the tree that is this nation, they're the fruit. And if we value them, if we don't want them lost forever, we'll all get back to defending this nation against all of her enemies, both foreign and domestic.