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Election 2008: The Bailout and Our Representative Republic

We've less than a month until we elect a new President. My first choice was, and remains, Alan Keyes. Unfortunately I will not have the opportunity to vote for Dr. Keyes as the Republicans and Democrats have banded together to make Oklahoma one of the most difficult states in the Union in which to get a candidate on the ballot, unless you're a Democrat or Republican of course. So Dr. Keyes will not appear on my ballot, and I will be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

I am suddenly reminded of the last election in which I voted in Louisiana. It was the primary election for Governor, the result of which forced a runoff election. I was told I had to choose between David Duke and Edwin Edwards. I was told to choose the lesser of two evils. I said, "The lesser of two evils is evil too." I moved to Texas ..., but I digress.

The question now is who do I vote for. Do I vote for the extreme far-left-wing liberal who despises both me and my values, or do I vote for the even-more-far-left socialist-Marxist-Fascist? Are these my only choices? Will no one in Washington represent me?

Once upon a time I thought I had a pretty good pair of Senators. I've voted for both Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe. But with the passage of the bailout bill last week it's clear that even my own representatives don't represent me (or anyone else who actually elected them).

Oh, I knew Tom Coburn had abdicated his commitment to me and my values when he endorsed John McCain. But if I needed confirmation that he can't be trusted I needed only look to his performance last week. He stood on the floor of the Senate and spoke eloquently, convincingly, passionately even, railing against the bailout bill (no doubt reading aloud from the scripts of his future campaign commercials). But then he immediately turned his back on those of us who elected him and, with a straight face and no conscience, voted for the bill.

No doubt Jim Inhofe will boast how he voted against the bill. And his boasts might have carried some weight, except that the Senate leadership of both parties went around giving Senator Inhofe and others in tough reelection campaigns permission to vote against the bill. So while he boasts of his courageous vote, I have a question for him. What's the value of a Senator who needs permission from others to represent those who elected him?

It is said that nature abhors a vacuum. But right now there is a complete vacuum of patriotic, conservative leadership in our nation, and I don't know when or how that is going to change. In the meantime I would like to leave you with a few thoughts.

There is not blame to go around in our current economic crisis. It did not happen because of greedy bankers or predatory lenders. Neither did it happen because Republicans and Democrats alike were corrupt. It happened because the liberal Democrats in Congress told banks that they had to start giving mortgages to people who couldn't afford them. It was completely at their insistence that banks began to give people mortgages for 125% of houses' values without even asking them if they had a job, much less if they could afford to make the payments. The liberal Democrats, in their unending quest to redistribute the wealth from those who produce it to those who vote for them, coerced bankers into coming up with all of these exotic loan packages and risky schemes. They knew that this would artificially inflate both real estate prices and an economic bubble which would inevitably come to where we are today.

And now they are claiming to come to the rescue. But make no mistake. The liberal Democrats are not trying to save our economy. They are trying to nationalize it, one private sector at a time. The liberal Democrats are not trying to conserve the nation of liberty and limited government of a consenting electorate that our forefathers built. If they were they would be called "conservatives."

Unfortunately, neither are the Republicans.