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An Open Letter to Congress

31 July 2011

An Open Letter to the Oklahoma Federal Legislative Delegation

Re: The Debt Debate

Dear Sirs,

    Do any of you really believe you were elected to help President Obama and the Democrats in Washington spend us even further into debt?
    And now the GOP leaders you helped elect are telling you to hold your noses and cave, warning of cataclysmic events if you don’t protect the status quo. Personally, I don’t believe our credit is ruined yet. I don’t believe the doom-sayings of those who would sacrifice everything to protect their own little fiefdoms.
    Because I understand the wealth of our nation is the produce of its people, I simply do not believe that we are bankrupt. Moreover, even concerning tax dollars in our current anemic economy, the truth is I believe the federal government has enough revenue to meet it’s obligations, fund it’s existing debt and fulfil it’s legitimate Constitutional functions. What it doesn’t have is enough revenue to do so and fund the progressive social agenda too. And it never will, no matter how wealthy we are.
    So which do you believe you were elected to preserve - Government of the people, by the people and for the people, or Obama-care?
    Besides, what if it were true, that our economy can’t survive without going further into debt? If it is true, then you’re about twenty years too late to change that. If it is true, then a debt limit extension today is nothing but a cowardly act of desperation, maxing out the credit card bill before declaring bankruptcy and leaving others holding the bag. But what if it’s not true? In that case ask yourself what will be different for the next congress that they will be able to fix the problem without suffering the pain you would spare yourselves by inflicting on them?
    If our credit is ruined, then now is the time to cut up the credit cards and put our house in order, to do what we must to make a better tomorrow before we’ve lost more than a credit rating. And if it’s not yet ruined, all the better reason to address the problem today. In either case, by being courageous today you can ensure a better tomorrow for us and our posterity. And after all, isn’t this supposed to be the home of the brave, not the cowardly.
    On a final note, I’ve been told recently that you can’t be willing to die on every hill. While I might not have chosen a military metaphor to make my point, I will continue it nonetheless because it makes my point well. Of course I agree that you shouldn’t be willing to die on every hill. But I do expect you should be willing to kill on each of them. You have a constituency, a base that actually voted for you, who are not interested in making peace with those who would destroy our Constitutional representative republic. You should really think about electing a leadership that will lead you to victory, not détente.


Dr. Joseph E. Hébert, Ph.D.
Okfuskee County GOP