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A Letter to a Homosexual Supporter

In recent days we've seen A&E Network come out in strong support of the homosexual agenda, and a few others have jumped on their bandwagon. Most recently Cracker Barrel has added their voice to the fray. They, and others, are now openly hostile toward Judeo-Christian values, to traditional family values, and some, like Piers Morgan, don't even try to temper their contempt.

These are only a few examples I can think of off hand, so don't imagine for a moment that they're alone. Many corporations now openly embrace, and even advocate for, the homosexual agenda. States and communities are rushing to endorse their sexual unions, rendering traditional marriage and family an anachronistic distinction without difference. Around the nation judges are forcing small businesses to close their doors for refusing to cater to the homosexual lifestyle. There are even some churches that now accept, indeed embrace, the homosexual cause.

I have a question for all of these, and you too if you're also accepting of homosexuality. It's a question I doubt any will answer, but one I want on the record nonetheless.

How will you rationalize your support for pedophilia?

You can bet that every one of these champions of civil rights, celebrity, corporation, government official and clergy alike, even you will come out in support of pedophile rights, and sooner than anyone believes. So what I want is to get you on the record today, while such a position would still be an abomination, not just in God's eyes, but in society's as well. Either explain your support for pedophilia today, or be prepared to explain why you once condemned it in a few years hence.

And rest assured, that day is coming.

Just a couple of decades ago,  homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder in the APA's (American Psychiatric Association's) DSM (Diagnostic Statistics Manual). But in the 1980s they reclassified homosexuality as "a normal variant of human sexuality," and now virtually all of society is prepared to criminalize God's Word as hate speech.

Bear in mind that these very same people, just a couple decades ago, would have recoiled from even the suggestion that they might support anything about homosexuality.

Well, guess what happened earlier this year. On 1 November 2013, the APA delisted pedophilia as a mental disorder. They've reclassified it as ..., wait for it ..., you guessed it ..., "a normal variant of human sexuality." Oh don't act surprised. It's been coming for years.

NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association) was formed in 1978. Like other homosexual activists they insisted that they harbored no animus toward the values of others. They only wanted to not be persecuted for being "the way Nature made them."

Well, today we can see for ourselves how much the other homosexual groups meant it when they too insisted likewise. Will the pedophiles be any more true to their word? (Yes, I'm actually asking, albeit rhetorically for sarcasm's sake, if we can trust pedophiles.)

In the meantime, any who bothered to look saw this coming. It wasn't that many years ago that the ALA (American Library Association) openly fought efforts to make public library computers safe for children, protecting them from predators and pornographic imagery. From Alfred Kinsey's academia-backed (and Rockefeller-funded) child abuse to Barnes & Nobles' commitment to provide a retail venue for Robert Mapplethorpe's child pornography, there have been many attempts to lend credibility and support to pedophiles. And now, finally, the APA too is rushing to their side.

Delisting pedophilia was only the most recent step. In 1998 a different APA (this one is the American Psychological Association) published a "study" which concluded that pedophiles don't harm children.1 Then in 1999 they published another paper which suggested that fathers in the home are bad for children.2

That's the APAs (both of them) in a nutshell (no pun intended). Homosexuality is normal, pedophiles don't harm children, but fathers do. But they don't harbor any animus toward traditional family values or anything.

So, if you are among those who support the homosexual agenda, if you are among those who defend homosexuals or their efforts, I'd really like you to go on the record today.

Do you also support pedophiles? Should they too be accepted in our culture and society? Should laws be changed to recognize pedophiles as a protected class? No? Then why not?

I have a surprise for you. It's a hard pill to swallow, but here it is nonetheless. If you accept homosexuality, you've already abdicated any basis you might have had to condemn pedophilia.

Oh, I have no doubt you don't realize this yet. Moreover, I absolutely believe the only reason you condemn pedophilia is because you lack the courage of conviction to take a stand of your own. But I'm equally certain that once a celebrity says pedophiles are okay, you'll be right there on the bandwagon with them.

Let me guess. You're going to say that pedophilia is wrong because children are still minors.

"Homosexuals are consenting adults, but children aren't."

But those who support pedophiles will someday argue that "your age restriction is just an arbitrary moray imposed by bigoted Christians and old white men." They will argue that "Nature decided the child was sexually mature years earlier, at puberty," and you, lacking any courage of conviction of your own, will quickly concede the point.

Soon "age of consent" laws will be overturned by activist judges, and compliant legislatures will adjust them to reflect "puberty as age of consent." Unthinkable? Really? Like it would be unthinkable for school administrators to take children off-campus to get abortions behind their parents' backs? Like it would be unthinkable for activist judges to decree that children can buy contraceptives and abortifacients without their parents knowledge?

But don't think it'll stop there. Once "puberty as age of consent" is established, and accepted by such as you, pedophiles will insist that "children should be free to explore and enjoy their perfectly natural and healthy sexuality as soon as they are curious about such things." How will you refute that?

As I said. If you accept homosexuality, you've already abdicated any basis you might have had to condemn pedophilia. I'm not certain that your children and grandchildren will ever thank you, but at least their predators will, and soon.

  1. Rind, B., Tromovitch, P., & Bauserman, R. (1998). A meta-analytic examination of assumed properties of child sexual abuse using college samples. Psychological Bulletin, 124, 22-53. 

  2. Louise B. Silverstein, Ph.D.and Carl F. Auerbach, Ph.D. "Deconstructing the essential father," AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST, Volume 54, Number 6 (June 1999)