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Announcing the 2nd Edition Staff & Sling Ministry Bibles

It bothered me that some people simply were not able to take advantage of the freely downloadable Staff & Sling Ministry Loose Leaf Bible, that some people had no choice but to pay for the CD. Oh, to be sure I will happily sell the CD to anyone who wants to buy it, but not everyone had a choice. Not everyone has broadband internet access, and those with dial up access just couldn't easily download 23 Mbytes of files. So I thought to do something for those people who had no choice but to pay for the CD. I decided to compile the entire King James Bible into a single ebook and include it as a bonus on the CD.

Thus the Staff & Sling Ministry eBible was conceived. Okay. I had actually thought about doing this all along. But the software I used to generate the Staff & Sling Ministry Loose Leaf Bible PDF files wasn't capable of doing this. I had used a freeware print driver that lets one print to a PDF file, but that's all I had. In order to combine multiple files into a single file, and in order to add a navigation menu, I would need the full Adobe Acrobat software package.

Anyway, I really felt bad that some people had no choice but to buy the CD, so I bought the full Adobe Acrobat package and set about redoing all of the files into a single ebook, the Staff & Sling Ministry eBible, to add to the CD as a bonus. Of course, once all 23 Mbytes of those files were combined into one single file, it would be far too big for anyone to download. But it would make a nice bonus for those who do buy the CD.

And, since the Staff & Sling Ministry eBible was intended for use on a computer, not a printed page, I decided to switch it from a two column layout to a single column. For most people, who use Acrobat Reader version 6 or later, the two column format is not a problem. However, anyone still using Acrobat Reader version 5 or earlier could not easily copy and paste verses into documents of their own. Oh, they could do it, but the older Acrobat Reader doesn't distinguish the separate columns. So when one highlighted the text to copy, one was forced to accept text from both columns, deleting the unwanted text once it was pasted into their document. This is why you will find the Staff & Sling Ministry eBible in single column format.

But then, once I started producing the new files, I discovered something unexpected. The PDF files that I produced with Adobe Acrobat were no where near as big as the ones I had produced with the freeware print driver. Instead of more than the original 23 Mbytes, the complete Staff & Sling Ministry eBible is only a bit over 8 Mbytes. So I went back and republished the Staff & Sling Ministry Loose Leaf Bible too. Now it's only just more than 7 Mbytes total.

With the compilations so small, there is no reason not to make the entire 2nd edition freely downloadable. No, the Staff & Sling Ministry eBible won't be a bonus exclusive to those who buy the CD, but that's okay. Since the files are now so much smaller, even someone with dial up can take advantage of the free downloading. From now on if anyone does buy the CD it will be because they choose to, not because they're forced to.

Now you know the back story, so here's the news. The Staff & Sling Ministry Bibles now include both the Staff & Sling Ministry Loose Leaf Bible, plus the Staff & Sling Ministry eBible.

The Staff & Sling Ministry Loose Leaf Bible, though almost indistinguishable from the 1st edition in printed form, is now smaller and easier to download. Once printed, it still has the same ample margins for taking notes, but it will take up a whole lot less of your hard drive.

New to the collection is the Staff & Sling Ministry eBible. It is the complete King James Bible in a single, easy to navigate ebook. Go immediately to any book and chapter you please by clicking on the navigation menu. Once there, copy and paste the scriptures directly into whatever document you're working on. 

And the best news of all is that both of the Staff & Sling Ministry Bibles are available for free downloading. Just click on either the Loose Leaf Bible or eBible navigation tabs.